5 Crucial Apps Every St. Louis REALTOR® Needs

Sure … most of us with smartphones are bound to have the most popular social apps like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Besides the most obvious apps, it can be difficult to pinpoint which ones are bound to truly help catapult your business the way you know it should. For this post, we’re going to focus in on the apps available for both iOS and Android that are extremely crucial in helping you reach your goals.

1.) Buffer

Sometimes our phones can just be as cluttered as the messiest rooms in our house! Let alone the constant update reminders we get on our phones, having to remember every single log in for our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts can be extremely difficult. Buffer allows you to SAVE TIME managing all of your social media. This easy to use app is simple and allows you to schedule social posts, track their performance and manage all of them in one place. Buffer is completely free to use for one social account (I.E. Facebook) and only $10 a month for up to 10.

2.) BombBomb

Video communication is a truly powerful tool and is often a way more engaging platform for the person you’re sending your message to. Our phones are capable of taking incredibly easy videos that are in the clearest of high definition … that’s where BombBomb shines! This simple app helps make video e-mail possible on your phone and lets you view the analytics to track and monitor performance. Videos are highly customizable with various templates that can be played on any device. The app does require a subscription, but offers a free two-week trial.

3.) Expensify

Expense reports can be a pain … trust us. Besides the fact that Expensify is really easy to use and highly regarded for its effortlessness, you have to love their bold marketing slogan! “Expensify – expense reports that don’t suck!” With Expensify, you’re able to use your phone to quickly scan receipts and it codes and reports the expense back. With features like GPS tracking for business miles and spending itemization deduction, it’s an app that will keep you sweating less whenever tax season hits.

4.) Dotloop

Along with Buffer’s easy to use management system, Dotloop is another “must-download” to help keep any realtor on the go organized. Dotloop is mainly utilized for document collaboration, but it’s also a highly regarded task management tool. Some of the app’s most prominent features include the ability to highlight signature areas to ensure nothing is missed, uploading direct files for only your clients to access and the legal signage of documents through e-verficiation.

5.) Citymaps

Certainly any client you’ve worked with has asked the inevitable “what is the best so and so in this area?” or “what are the popular this and that for this neighborhood?” type questions. Citymaps helps answer those concerns by sending clients a customizable map of a neighborhood tailor made to their various interests. If you tend to work more in the commercial side of things … no sweat! Citymaps is also perfect to help plan locations for a variety of retail stores.