Our Mission

  • Navigate a changing market
  • Engage in our community
  • Protect private-property rights
  • Convert information knowledge
  • Provide superior tools

Our Vision

The voice for real estate in greater St. Louis.

Strategic Plan Goals

  • Facilitate members’ success, belongingness, and well-being.
  • Enhance community collaboration, economic development, and visibility.
  • Foster member professionalism and consumer trust.
  • Protect private-property rights and the real estate industry.

Strategies associated with each Strategic Plan Goal:

success - Mission and Strategy

We Will:

  • Enhance core services so members get more for their dues.
  • Focus on technology tools, training, and solutions to enhance member and association effectiveness.
  • Spur member participation and knowledge without duplicating efforts. Enhance contracts and forms offerings to reinforce value to members.
  • Enhance contracts and forms offerings to reinforce value to members.
  • Improve lockbox system so members find it more convenient and compatible with the way they do business.
  • Foster member belongingness by providing meaningful experiences and instilling a sense of pride in the organization.

community - Mission and Strategy

We Will:

  • Participate in local-focused economic development and regional organizations to exert a positive influence.
  • Re-establish media coverage to maintain a steady public presence
  • Engage in philanthropic and community activities, positioning our organization and members as visible contributors to St. Louis’ quality of life.

professionalism - Mission and Strategy

We Will:

  • Create a culture of excellence that’s embraced by members and expected by consumers.
  • Broaden members’ educational opportunities while ensuring quality control and brand consistency.

protect - Mission and Strategy

We Will:

  • Elevate RPAC visibility and participation by going where members are and translating public-policy language into clear, concise messages that resonate with REALTORS®.
  • Develop and improve relationships with government entities.
  • Advance model legislation that sets the right precedents and examples for municipalities.
  • Recruit, train and elect more St. Louis REALTORS® to public office.
  • Create a volunteer network of key St. Louis REALTOR® contacts for elected officials
  • Establish a neighborhoods focus for the association’s new website and infuse advocacy content

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