Housing Report

In October, mortgage rates increased slightly from the three-year lows seen in September. While the Federal Reserve reduced the federal-funds target rate by .25 percent, this decline was widely expected and largely factored into mortgage rates already, which are still approximately one percent lower than this time last year. Fannie Mae is predicting that continued low rates, and possibly lower rates, are expected in 2020.


New listings decreased 4.0 percent for residential homes but increased 1.4 percent for townhouse/condo homes. Pending sales increased 0.7 percent for residential homes but decreased 2.9 percent for townhouse/condo homes. Inventory decreased 22.1 percent for residential homes and 14.0 percent for townhouse/condo homes.


Median sales price increased 7.9 percent to $205,000 for residential homes and 14.5 percent to $178,000 for townhouse/condo homes. Days on market increased 10.3 percent for residential homes and 9.5 percent for townhouse/condo homes. Months supply of inventory decreased 20.6 percent for residential homes and 15.4 percent for townhouse/condo homes.


As we begin the slower time of year for home sales, historically low mortgage rates will continue to support buyer demand and may create additional lift to home prices as excellent affordability gives buyers the ability to offer more to secure their dream home. Throughout much of the country, the continued low level of housing inventory also continues to constrain sales activity from where it would likely be in a balanced market.


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