360 Camera & Tour

Many commercial real estate practitioners are turning to video to advertise commercial properties. Although videos are visually impressive and give a new perspective, they still lack the control that people crave. 360° images are the ideal blend of function and beauty.

St. Louis Commercial REALTORS® offers 360° cameras for commercial division members to use.

View a sample tour:

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This benefit is limited to commercial properties only.

Tips & Tricks
  1. The tour is best when providing a floorplan. The file must be a jpg or png.
  2. Always double check the camera is set to take 360° photos and in photo mode.
  3. Take more photos, rather than less. Don’t forget exterior, hallway, bathrooms, multiple viewpoints in large spaces, etc. Remember, we are creating a tour as if you are walking through the building.
  4. Store the camera at room temperature (don’t leave it in your car).
  5. Please don’t set the camera lens on a hard surface.
  6. The camera battery percentage can be found in the shooting screen of the app.
  7. If a message appears in the app “Cannot connect to the camera. Check the wireless settings.” Go to your phone’s Wifi settings and select the Theta camera. Reopen the app.

About the Camera: The RICOH Theta V records natural 360° still images and videos with high resolution and highly-precise stitch image processing. It also supports a variety of shooting scenarios using several shooting modes. Theta V can be connected to a smartphone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

About the Tour: The virtual tour will be hosted at ricohtours.com until the property is off-market. Tours are not branded. We provide a URL and embed code to share with your listing services and website providers.

360 Camera For Commerical Webpages