Commercial Leadership Elections

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St. Louis Commercial REALTORS® 2019 Board of Directors.


What are 10 good reasons you should serve on the
St. Louis Commercial REALTORS® 2019 Board of Directors?

  1. Increase your worth – Board members do not get paid. But you do get to make a positive difference. That’s worth a lot. For some officer positions, you get partial underwriting for your participation in national conferences and events.
  2. Boost your profile –  Serving on the Board gets your name out there. You’ll be listed in the REALTOR® Way and mentioned in other ways. Be part of the positive vibes that the association generates!
  3. Gain new perspectives –  Board service expands your thinking. This can include learning about association finances, meeting planning, communications, marketing and political involvement.
  4. Protect your investment – You’ve invested a big chunk of change in your REALTOR® membership. Why not protect that investment by ensuring the association resources are devoted to the right priorities?
  5. Increase your networking – You’ll meet other key players in the local, state and national real estate scene. And that’s good for your referral network.
  6. Invite good karma – When you give back to your industry and your profession, it ultimately comes back to you.
  7. Enjoy a sense of achievement – Working on behalf of all members, you’ll drive the success of your association. You’ll be part of something larger than yourself or your company. And that’s a very good feeling.
  8. Work on behalf of consumers – Through service in our communities and involvement with political policy-making, you’ll protect private-property rights and the free enterprise system.
  9. Develop friendships – The bonds you form with fellow directors are rich, meaningful – and they can last forever.
  10. Open doorways –  Who knows? You may go on to serve in state or even national leadership positions that you’d never thought possible.