Bridgeton is a city located in northwestern St. Louis County with a population, at the time of the 2010 census, of 11,550 residents. The city covers a total of 15.24 square miles and serves as a major transport hub for Greater St. Louis with portions of the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport located within Bridgeton.

In fact, most of the city’s history was influenced thanks to close proximity to noteworthy transportation routes. Many Native American trails, established by the Osage Indians, became the basis of development of the first roads within the region, including historic St. Charles Rock Road and Natural Bridge road.

Bridgeton’s area was first platted in 1794 by Robert Owen, a social reformer originally from Wales, and named “Marais des Liards” – a French term that translates to ‘marsh of the cottonwood trees.’ Owen acquired the area from a land grant from the Spanish government and helped in establishing boundaries for the inclusion of seven streets, a common land used for farming, as well as a community arsenal, cemetery and church. Within a few years, a census calculated the population of Marais des Liards at 379 total residents.

Thanks to being so relatively close to a ferry on the Missouri River, the region was a constant stop when traveling from St. Louis to St. Charles. Famous explorer Meriwether Lewis even passed through while on his way to meet members gathering for the Lewis and Clark Expedition. In 1843, Marais des Liards would be platted once again for expansion. Under a Missouri Legislature decision, the town was incorporated as the city of Bridgeton that same year.

Commercial development reached high records for the area in the 1990s, and access to interstate highways, rail and airports translated into growth for Bridgeton.

Residents of Bridgeton are served by Pattonville School District.

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Regional airline Trans State Airlines has its headquarters located in Bridgeton. As of 2011, Trans States Airlines employed 650 people throughout North America.

The only Level II Trauma Center in North St. Louis county, SSM DePaul Health Center, is located in Bridgeton. Opened in 1828, SSM DePaul was the first hospital west of the Mississippi River and remains one of the oldest existing businesses in St. Louis.

Boenker Hill Vineyard and Winery is a 14-acre winery serving wines made from local Missouri grown grapes. Originally a working farm during the 1800s, Boenker Hill includes outdoor seating for more than 500 guests, a full kitchen to support catering and 1,800 square feet of gorgeous barnyard scenery.


Community Contacts

Mayor of Bridgeton Terry Briggs
(314) 739-7666
Current City Council Members Bob Saettele
Scott Zimmer
Linda Eaker
Jerry Grimmer
Randy Hein
Ferd Fetsch
Joni Norris
Barbara Abram
City Administrator Kevin Bookout
(314) 739-7500
City Clerk Carole A. Stahlhut
(314) 739-7500 ex. 3853
Municipal Judge Joseph W. Larrew (314) 739-1145
Prosecuting Attorney Rob Schultz (314) 739-1145
Court Clerk Susan Risinger
Director of Public Works Robert Gunn
(314) 739-7500
Director of Parks and Recreation Walter Siemsglusz
(314) 739-7500
Bridgeton Fire Department (314) 739-3118
Bridgeton Police Department (314) 739-7557