Dellwood is a city within St. Louis County with a population of 5,025 at the time of the 2010 census. Known by residents as the “Crossroads of North St. Louis County,” the nickname comes from the notion of Dellwood’s location between some of the more bustling cities within northern St. Louis County. Covering no more than 1.03 square miles, Dellwood is neighbored by the cities of Ferguson, Black Jack and Jennings.

Unfortunately, there is little to no historical documentation in regards to Dellwood’s history before or after the area’s village incorporation in March of 1951. During the 1950s, the governing body of the Dellwood was the Board of Trustees and while a Chairman was elected, all other positions were appointed. In fact, only the City Attorney held a paid position at the time, as all others served voluntarily.

Only three years would follow before the village of Dellwood voted to apply for city status. Dellwood’s Board of Trustees permitted the application feeing that a Ward representation of government could better serve residents and increase revenues through the collection of improved utility and gas sales tax.

By applying for city status, Dellwood was able to obtain Federal Grants that helped in the creation of playground areas and new recreational grounds for residents.

The city of Dellwood held its first election in the spring of 1955, and E.D. Jordan was elected the city’s very first Mayor.

Residents of Dellwood are served by the Riverview Gardens, Ferguson-Florissant and Hazelwood School District.

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The Dellwood Recreation Center and Al Nicolai Park are two regional landmarks maintained by the city of Dellwood. Within Al Nicolai Park, you’ll find two acres of landscape and an array of playgrounds, picnic areas and sporting fields. The Dellwood Recreation Center includes a seasonal swimming pool, indoor gym and a fitness room that offers Zumba classes for residents.

For Dellwood’s senior residents, the Dellwood 60+ Club is an organization held at the Dellwood Recreation Center. The group meets on the second Tuesday of every month for both informative community meetings as well as a range of entertainment and activities.


Community Contacts

Mayor of Dellwood Reggie Jones
(314) 521-4339 ex. 163
Board of Alderman Members Loretta Johnson
Lamont Williams
Kenneth Robinson
Selena Melton
Ann Wilkins
Gwen Artis
Shanon Holt
Michael Heil
City Clerk Brooke Smith
(314) 521-4339 ex. 108
City Attorney Anthony Gray (314) 385-9500
Municipal Judge Donnell Smith (314) 361-2500
Prosecuting Attorney Timothy Smith (314) 521-4339
Court Administrator Jessica Clayton
(314) 521-4339 ex. 104
Public Service Director Marvin Crumer (314) 869-8686