Glendale is a city located in mid-St. Louis County neighbored by the cities of Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Oakland and Rock Hill. The city gets its Glendale name from a regional train station landmark that laid along the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Encompassing no more than 1.29 total square miles of land, the city’s population was recorded at 5,925 residents at the time of the 2010 census.

The area making up current-day Glendale was a thinly settled area of country homes and estates around the time of the Civil War. The first attempts for incorporation occurred in mid-1912 when a meeting was held by H.F. Nichols, one of the first founding members of the region’s first Board of Trustees. Almost four years would pass before Glendale would be officially incorporated under a city status in 1916, reaching a population of 749 residents by the time of the 1920 census.

Portions of southern Glendale near the boundaries of Lockwood Blvd. went through a major flip flop of inclusion of exclusion. In the mid spring of 1920 residents voted to exclude the area before eventually changing their minds that summer to reinstate the area. This wouldn’t go any further for the rest of the year as residents of the southern portion voted once again to be removed from Glendale and would eventually form their own community into what is now the current city of Oakland. By 1932, the city’s limits were firmly established.

Although the city of Glendale draws its name from a small station along the Missouri Pacific Railroad, between Webster Groves and Kirkwood, the area in which that station stood is no longer a part of the community.

Notable residents of Glendale include Gerty Cori and Carl Ferdinand Cori, both of whom won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1947. Residents of Glendale are served by either the Kirkwood School District or the Webster Groves School District.

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