Huntleigh is a city located in mid-St. Louis County nestled between Ladue, Frontenac and Kirkwood with a total land area of 1 square miles, It has a population, at the time of the 2010 census, of 334 residents.

Some of the earliest records indicate that farmer Stephen Maddox, born in the 1770s in Virginia and migrated to the area in the early 1800s, acquired 652 acres covering most of what is now the City of Huntleigh. An early newspaper article noted that the Oregon Trail had once run through the property and most of the region stayed within the Maddox family until the 1870s following the death of Stephen’s wife Sarah.

As the 1900s approached, Huntleigh began its earliest village formation when a notable resident of the area, Edward E. Bakewell, Sr., purchased a 125-acre estate in 1925. Other famous St. Louisians of the area like Lewis Apple, Percy Orthwein, Charles Brown and the von Gontard family soon followed shortly into the region as well.

The Village of Huntleigh would be incorporated shortly after in the summer of 1929. At the time, the village only encompassed 480 acres and included no more than 20 residents. By the 1930s and 1940s, Huntleigh would expand with the annexation of nearby subdivision Huntleigh Woods, which is where the region gets its name, before applying for city status after reaching its current size of 750 acres.

Bakewell and August A. Busch, Sr., former president and CEO of Anheuser-Busch founded the Bridlespur Hunt, a fox-hunting club, on Squires Lane in 1927. World War II suspended the activity at the club in Huntleigh and only resumed when Bridlespur was moved to its current St. Charles County location in 1957. In 2001, The Bridlespur Hunt and the Meramec Valley Hunt joined together and the merging members from both clubs solidified Fox Hunting within the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Residents of Huntleigh are served by the Ladue and Kirkwood School District.

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