Located in St. Louis County’s mid-county region, Maplewood is located not too far from Forest Park and includes many shops, coffee houses and restaurants along the area’s Historic Downtown Maplewood on Manchester Road. The area of Maplewood covers 1.56 total square miles and the population, as of the 2010 census, was 8,046.

Maplewood’s development began around the turn of the 20th century, and it is one of the very first suburbs developed outside of the St. Louis city limits. James Sutton, a well-known blacksmith of the area, had purchased 334 acres in 1826, and as years followed, he began accumulating more of the area that currently makes up the boundaries of Maplewood. The city began to develop a reputation of a bedroom community, or commuter town, thanks in part to its close proximity to the St. Louis streetcar lines. The town was christened Maplewood because maple trees dominated the tiny town. In fact, the majority of Maplewood has a woodland nod as many of its main streets are named after shrubs and trees, like Elm, Hazel, Vine, Flora, Arbor and Maple.

Most of Maplewood’s historic residential areas were built during the early 1900s and the vast majority of the homes remain because they are so well-preserved. Maplewood would be officially incorporated in 1908 with roughly 4,000 people living within the community. The population would grow as decades would follow with over 14,000 residents residing in Maplewood near the end of 1949.

Residents of Maplewood are served by the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District.

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Historic Downtown Maplewood is home to the region’s very first Tim Hortons, and other destinations within the walkable district include the Orbit Pinball Lounge, Robata Sushi and Ramen, Stange Donuts, and St. Louis’ very first cat café Mauhaus Cat Cafe and Lounge.

The District is also known for several annual events that bring thousands of people to the area. Small Business Saturday, Sweet Tooth Tour, Stringfest and Let Them Eat Art.

Maplewood is home to two microbreweries. One of them beingis Schlafly Bottleworks, the Maplewood region branch of Saint Louis Brewery, which offers a free tour on the history of St. Louis brewing and an extensive look at the Schlafly beer brewhouse and bottling plant. Historic Downtown Maplewood is also home to Side Project Brewing, a small but internationally acclaimed microbrewery on the western edge of the district.

Over the last several years, “escape rooms” have been quite the craze and Maplewood has its very own with Escape Room St. Louis. Inspired by “escape-the-room” style video games, these physical adventure games take groups in a variety of room settings, such as prison cells or dungeons, and place them under a set time-limit to unveil secret plots and mysteries hidden within each room.


Community Contacts

Mayor of Maplewood Barry Greenberg (314) 645-6456
Current City Council Members Karen Wood
Steve Moseley
Shawn Faulkingham
Ray Crader
Timothy J. Dunn
City Manager Marty Corcoran
(314) 646-3603
Assistant City Manager / Director of Public Works Anthony Traxler
(314) 646-3640
City Clerk Karen Scheidt
(314) 646-3604
City Attorney Craig Biesterfeld (314) 345-6474
Municipal Judge Brian Dunlop (314) 726-5363
Court Clerk Ruth Swallow (314) 646-3636
Director of Finance Karen Dilber (314) 646-3606
Building Code Official / Fire Marshall Brian Herr
(314) 646-3634
Assistant Public Works Director Tephanisia Hyde (314) 646-3635
Maintenance Superintendent John Meyer
(314) 647-8633
Director of Community Development Rachelle L’Ecuyer (314) 646-3607
Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Proebsting (314) 645-1476
Maplewood Police Department (314) 645-3000
Maplewood Fire Department (314) 646-3613