Rock Hill

Rock Hill is a city located in St. Louis County whose neighboring cities include Ladue, Webster Groves, Warson Woods and Brentwood. Its population as of the 2010 census, was 4,635 and the total area covers more than 1.09 square miles.

James Coliier Marshall, a merchant and farmer from Maryland, founded Rock Hill when he purchased 500-acres of land, 11 miles west of St. Louis. He established a stage coach stop and trading post with his siblings in 1832. A few years after settling the area, the family established the region’s first post office, community hall and school. The family farmed the land and shaped it into a nice little community for James’ family and friends. James married Elizabeth McCausland in 1841 and built the Fairfax, a weatherboard home that served as the main housing complex for the Marshall family.

As generations continued to inhabit the area, the community incorporated as a village in 1929.Several years later, the village integrated more of a common form of mayor-alderman style of government, which led to the village voting to be incorporated as a city in 1947.

Residents of Rock Hill are served by the Webster Groves School District.

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