Berkeley is a city located in northern St. Louis County between neighboring cities of Kinloch, Bridgeton, Cool Valley and Hazelwood. Encompassing a total area of 4.97 square miles, the city’s population was 8,978 residents, as of the 2010 census. Much like the city of Bridgeton, portions of the St. Louis Lambert International Airport are within Berkeley’s city limits.

The city’s origins begin around the late 1700s, when the boundaries of current day Berkeley were made up of forests and fields inhabited by Osage Indian tribes. Near the end of the 1700s, important regions such as St. Charles, Florissant, Marias des Liards (current day Bridgeton) and the city of St. Louis were forming. Beside a trail between Marias des Liards and Florissant laid fertile fields and woodlands that attracted early settlers to the area, one of the first being Major Richard Graham.

Graham was a Virginian native who served as confidential assistant to General William Henry Harrison during the War of 1812. Building an estate in an area that is now currently Graham Road and Frost Avenue, the region became regarded as a highly fashionable part of St. Louis County with famous families of the time – such as the Wickhams, Seddons and Pulitzers – living in the area.

As the 1900s approached, the community developed into band new subdivisions, and this period was also known for being a great time of aviation history within the area of Berkely. In 1910, the Aero Club of St. Louis built Kinloch Field, an L-shaped field located near Richard Graham’s estate. It was here in September that the first flight of a St. Louis-built airplane took place. One month later, the very first International Air Meet (popular air shows of the time) took place in Kinloch Field. Famous attendees included Archie Hoxie, Orville and Wilbur Wright and former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt … who became the very first President to fly in a plane.

More expansion throughout the 1920s and 1930s lead residents calling for the area to be incorporated. In 1937, a successful meeting was held in a newly developing city hall and the community took the name of Berkeley. The name originated from a popular subdivision within the region named Berkeley Acres.

Residents of Berkeley are served by the Ferguson-Florissant School District.

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Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS), the second largest arms-defense contractor in the world, has its headquarters located in Berkeley. BDS is a business division of the Boeing Company who designs, manufactures and sells rockets, satellites and airplanes worldwide. The company was ranked as the fifth largest employer by the St. Louis Business Journal in 2016.

Ol’ Henry is a popular local restaurant famous for barbecue briskets, catfish and burgers. Relatives of the late and famous Chef Henry Edward Taylor opened the restaurant in his honor and continue to carry out his tradition of serving delicious, homemade-style food. Their claim to fame is that all of the food is “Taylor” made. Get it?


Community Contacts

Mayor of Berkeley Ted Hoskins
(314) 524-3313 ex. 3758
Current City Council Members Ralph McDaniel
Emmalene Mitchell
Brenda Williams
Lee Etta Hoskins
“Lou” Mathison
Patricia Kirkland
City Clerk Deanna Jones
(314) 524-3313 ex. 3756
Municipal Judge Jennifer Fisher (314) 524-3313
Court Administrator April Walton
(314) 400-3700 ex. 3727
Finance Director Keidra King
(314) 524-3313 ex. 3720
HR Director Terrance Gibson (314) 524-3313 ex. 3753
Public Works Director / Building Commissioner Debra Irvin
(314) 524-3313 ex. 3705
Code Enforcement Officer Tynia Mitchell (314) 524-3313 ex. 3709
Code Enforcement Officer Issac Johnson (314) 524-3313 ex. 3710
Housing Inspector Mike Maloney (314) 524-3313 ex. 3708
Berkeley Fire Department (314) 524-3566
Berkeley Police Department (314) 524-3311