Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is located in the northern portion of St. Louis County, nestled between the cities of Velda City, Pasadena Hills and Northwoods. As of the 2010 census, the city’s population was recorded at 574 residents, making it the 15th smallest populated municipality in all of St. Louis county.

The city covers no more than 0.09 square miles of land which makes Beverly Hills the smallest city in size. The 2010 census also calculated that within the 574 residents, Beverly Hills encompassed 243 households with 149 families residing in the city.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the region’s history settlement history … but the city was officially incorporated into St. Louis County in 1933.

Residents of Beverly Hills are served by the Normandy School District.


Community Contacts

Mayor of Beverly Hills Brian Jackson (314) 382-6544
Board of Aldermen Members Rita Ford
Mary Patterson
Roberta Ousley
City Clerks Valisha Anderson and Marina Andrews (314) 382-6544
City Attorney Donnell Smith (314) 361-2500
Municipal Judges William Buchholz and Sean O' Hagen (314) 382-6544
Court Administrator Nikita Brown (314) 382-6544
Court Clerk Angela Chatman (314) 428-6811
Treasurer Langston Chambers (314) 382-6544