Black Jack

Black Jack is a city located in northern St. Louis County with a population, as of the 2010 census, of 6,929 residents. Covering roughly 2.60 square miles, the city is a fairly newer incorporated portion of the county, achieving city status in the summer of 1970.

The city gets its name from three large Black Jack Oak trees that stood at the intersection of Parker and Old Halls Ferry Roads in the early 19th century. What made these particular trees stand out was that this type of tree is normally very short and thin, but these three were immensely bulky and helped give travelers vast amounts of shade. They also helped in measuring distance to and across the Missouri River. These oaks eventually earned celebrity status, and were spoken of as the “Black Jacks.”

Around this time, there were no buildings or communities of any sort on the present region of Black Jack. The area served as merely a channel to travel from one destination to another. This was until 1851 when Thomas Fletcher, Missouri’s 18th governor, built a humble one-room log house on Old Halls Ferry Road, a short distance from the area’s famous “Black Jacks.” Not long after, Black Jack was slowly becoming a small village or similar residential residences to that of Fletcher’s home. Black Jack was formally christened, by the Postal Department, as a community more than a decade later in 1865.

Many businesses started setting up shop during this time, including the area’s first blacksmith shop, general store, large tobacco barn, as well as a wagon-making shop. By 1877, Black Jack’s population had increased nearly 50% with 300 residents living in Victorian and federal-style homes — along with stone houses and simple structures — being built along Parker and Old Halls Ferry Roads.

The area remained a small, tight community — throughout most of the 19th and 20th centuries — until a petition in the early summer of 1970 was filed to St. Louis County to incorporate a neighboring 1,700 acres of land as the city of Black Jack. In August, Black Jack achieved city status and held its very first election in April of 1971.

Residents are served by Hazelwood School District.

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