Breckenridge Hills

Breckenridge Hills is a city located in the northern portion of St. Louis County. Covering no more than 0.81 square miles, it has the 40th smallest total land-size within all of the 89 county municipalities. As of the 2010 census, Breckenridge Hills’ population was at 4,746 residents. Some of the city’s major roads include St. Charles Rock Road, Baltimore, Edmundson and Breckenridge.

Present-day Breckenridge Hills’ history dates back as early as 1770 when Canadian native Louis Tesson Honore, Sr., received one of the very first initial Spanish land grants within the area. Louis and his wife, along with their eight children, were originally living in Daskaskia, Illinois at the time he received the grant.

His eldest son, Noel Honore, was given ownership of the smaller boundaries that make up the southwest position of Breckenridge Hills nearly two years later. The Honore family home, built on that original land grant, still stands at 3343 Edmundson Road to this very day.

Louis would pass in 1807 at the age of 73, but four years prior — after the Louisiana Purchase — Noel was officially given the entire land his family owned, along with his business associate, James McDonald. In 1821, Arch McDonald, James’ son, was willed the land, but after only eight years of ownership, he transferred the land to James Breckenridge who had inhabited the area in 1821.

At this point in time, the Honore estate, now under James Breckenridge’s name, began to be divvied and was passed to other Breckenridge family members or sold off to family friends. Thanks to this, the Breckenridge family was an important influence in the development of the city, and residents named the area Breckenridge in tribute.

The region of Breckenridge remained mainly a residential community over the years. Part of the area, along Woodson and Edmundson Roads were incorporated as part of Uniondale on December 3, 1915 … but this particular incorporation would be short lived, as citizens voted to disincorporate in the fall of 1919. In 1950, Breckenridge, now known as Breckenridge Hills, incorporated under village status making it Saint Louis county’s 81st official municipality. In 1990, Breckenridge Hills changed to city status when the charter was amended in order for the community to advance tax and grant money advantages.

Residents of Breckenridge Hills are served by the Ritenour School District.

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