Castle Point

Castle Point is an unincorporated area within St. Louis County located in the northern portion of the region. Covering a total of 0.7 square miles, it is the smallest of all of the unincorporated communities. As of the 2010 census, Castle Point’s population was 3,962 residents.

Although no major settlement history is known for the area, the region’s major landmark is CastlePoint Park – where some suggest the area earned its name from. The initial concept for park in this area originated around 1983 through a coordinated effort from the Office of Community Development and the Advanced Planning Section of the Parks Department.

The park was primarily under the ownership various other lot owners. The land was acquired in 1990, using finances earmarked by the Department of Human Resources through the Community Development Block Grant Fund. Community Development Funds and two grants from the Land and Water Conservation Fund provided funding for Phase I and Phase II development of the site in 1991 and 1993. The park was dedicated in the spring of 1995.

Residents of Castle Point are served by the Riverview Gardens School District.

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