Edmundson is a city localized in northern St. Louis County with a population of 834 at the time of the 2010 census. Located just south of Lambert St. Louis International Airport, the city covers a total of 0.26 total square miles. Neighboring cities to Edmundson include St. Ann, Woodson Terrace and Breckenridge Hills.

Edmundson’s history dates back to as early as 1941 when a collected subdivision of 156 homes, under the name of Edmundson Terrace, was bid to the public for sale. The region was small, but stable … and it consisted of only 156 homes with a population of no more than 500 residents. Along with this collection of residential area, Edmundson Terrace also included a restaurant, two notable service stations and even an archery company. Totaling nearly 25 acres and surrounded entirely by farm land, Edmundson Terrace was one of St. Louis county’s first true subdivisions.

A little less than a year later, Edmunson Terrace was growing in notoriety and a local Improvement Association was established with the aspiration of providing maintenance for the subdivision’s roads and to collect money for any future incorporation goals. By 1946, the region formed its first council with three trustees and in May of 1948, Edmundson Terrace officially became the village of Edmundson under Missouri law.

Originally, only $100 (exact) was provided by the Improvement Association for this new village to run on and Edmundson would have to wait an entire year before any collected tax revenue would be received. This meant that the operations were to be directed out of resident’s homes and trustees used money out of their very own pocket to help with community needs.

More than a decade later, the village would grow in land size and population. By 1965, the village had annexed surrounding land to grow almost four times larger than its original 25 acres. The census also listed the village’s population at a staggering 2,500 residents, with more than 415 residential homes.

Residents of Edmundson are served by the Ritenour School District.

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