Glasgow Village

Nearly along the coast of the Mississippi River and neighboring the incorporated community of Riverview is the unincorporated community of Glasgow Village. As of the 2010 census, Glasgow Village’s total population was at 5,429 residents. The area covers no more than 0.9 total square miles with 2,009 housing units found within the region giving Glasgow Village an average density of 2,168.4 square miles.

The property of Glasgow Village was acquired in 1838 by Dr. William Carr Lane, a famous doctor and the very first Mayor of St. Louis – who served from 1823 to 1829 and again in 1837 to 1840. Dr. Lane was born in Pennsylvania and studied medicine in Louisville, Kentucky. He came to St. Louis where he practiced as a physician. By the time of St. Louis’ incorporation in 1822, Lane was 33 years old and was elected to be the area’s first mayor the following year. He had three children, and one of them went on to marry a man named William Glasgow, Jr.

Grandfather William Glasgow Sr. and his wife Sarah, lived on the old Lane property within the region originally named their farm land “Bienveinue”, which means “welcome” in French. The farm outspread from the river to Chain of Rocks Park on the north and Portland Cement Company on the south

Eventually, the land’s beneficiaries decided to sell the “Bienveinue” farm and sought to their attorney to contact someone who could handle a suburb planning project for the region. Their attorney contacted Mr. Miles H. Carpenter, who had moved and settled to California for several years. Carpenter came to St. Louis, convened with the Glasgow family, and began progress of Glasgow Village in 1949.

Residents of Glasgow Village are served by the Riverview Gardens School District


Community Contacts

Councilman Rochelle Walton Gray
(314) 615-0393