Greendale is a city located in northern St. Louis County with a population of 651 at the time of the 2010 census, making it the 16th smallest populated municipality in St. Louis County. Greendale, with boundaries covering no more than 0.21 square miles, is neighbored by Bel-Nor at the west, Pagedale at the south and Normandy by the east.

Greendale’s history dates back to 1818, when businessman Arthur Mellon acquired the land in present-day Greendale, from the U.S. Government, in a land replacement program that granted new land to those affected by the 1811 and 1812 New Madrid earthquakes. The Mellon family lived modestly in the region throughout the next several years, before selling off the property in 1847.

By 1893, the area had accumulated three major property owners: A. Petersen, J. B.C. Lucus and the German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation. Although the land was small in size, only encompassing no more than 0.20 square miles of total land, all three property owners used the area to their advantages, in particular with Petersen and Lucas’ land being utilized for immense farming. Even in the early 1900s, when there was a huge concern of industrial workforce leaving surrounding areas of present-day Greendale, the area flourished as Lucas and Petersen’s large farms continued to operate smoothly. Many attribute the area’s early success in part to no major railroad lines intersecting the area, allowing the farm land to grow naturally.

The first residential area in present-day Greendale was outlined in 1925, when insurance broker and realtor Lucius Smutz organized a plat to create the subdivision of Greendale with nearly 100 lots. In 1928, Petersen sold most of his farm to Wellston Hills Realty, who partitioned the property into roughly 260 lots, creating the subdivision of Wellston Hill. By the time the Great Depression had affected most of the country in 1929, most major constructions were brought to a halt.

In 1950, the City of Greendale officially incorporated under city status. Two decades later, Greendale would earn recognition of “Tree City USA” status. To earn such a status, a community must meet the four major criteria of urban tree care. This includes structuring a tree board department, utilizing a community tree regulation, spending at least two dollars per resident into the development of urban forestry and an organized community celebration for Arbor Day.

Residents of Greendale are served by the Normandy School District.

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The Zion Cemetery is located off of St. Charles Rock Road in Greendale. With history dating back to 1883, Zion includes 49 acres of landscape for the burial of loved ones.

Greendale’s designated commercial area is located on St. Charles Rock Road. This region includes local businesses such as Morie and Willems Paint, Major Caterin and ServPro.


Community Contacts

Mayor of Greendale H. Lamarr Huddleston
(314) 862-7426
Board of Aldermen Members Doris Trojcak
Alexander Herman
Robert Ringo
Christine Garhart
City Clerk Tasha Van Norman (314) 383-2577
Assistant City Clerk Linda Wulf
(314) 383-2577
City Attorney Phillip T. Ayers (314) 838-2800
Municipal Judge Terry Burnet (314) 965-0000
Building Commissioner Debra Irvin (314) 383-2577
Treasurer David Ruth (314) 383-2577