Hanley Hills

Deep within the northern east corner of north-St. Louis County, you’ll find the village of Hanley Hills. As of 2010’s census, the population sits at a total of 2,101 residents within a total land area of 0.36 square miles.

The very first board meeting for Hanley Hills was held in the summer of 1948 by Bill Foelsch, a real estate agent who was selected by his agency to represent their brand and help in formatting an organization of the village. By the following spring, park and maintenance began development which would lead to the Village Shopping Center’s construction a year later in 1950.

That same year, Hanley Hills would also host it’s very first election to appoint candidates and incorporate its first tax collector. Throughout the decades to follow, Hanley Hills would continue to grow and build to establish itself through the construction of the Hanley Hills Baptist Church in 1950 and all the way to the development of organizations such as the Senior Meetings in 1975.

Residents of Hanley Hills are served within the Normandy School District.


Community Contacts

Chairman of Hanley Hills Stanley B. Taylor (314) 920-9782
Trustees Mia Shields Jr.
Annette Harrison
Matthew Hill
Jefrrey Walton
Diana M. White
Tiran Greer
Bettye Mitchell
Village Clerk Dorothy Matthews (314) 725-0909 ex. 201
Village Attorney Anthony Gray (314) 385-9500
Municipal Judge Steven Clark (314) 725-0909
Court Clerk Kelly Holland (314) 725-0909