Located north of the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and in between Interstates 270 and 170 is the city of Hazelwood. With a population of 25,703, at the time of the 2010 census, Hazelwood covers an overall area 16.76 square miles.

According to legend, former Kentucky Senator Henry Clay was on a presidential nominee campaign visit to St. Louis in 1828 and stopped by the area that would currently make up the city of Hazelwood. He was so taken aback by the land’s orchards and well-tended fields that he exclaimed, “Ah! This so much reminds me of Hazelwood … my Kentucky estate!” The name stuck for the region ever since with Hazelwood Farms and Hazelwood Road shortly developing afterwards.

The area remained a land of smaller farming communities throughout the rest of the 19th and early 20th century, until, in 1947, a probable annexation from the neighboring city of Florissant would have absorbed all of the region’s land. The area’s notable farmers of Hazelwood Farms sought to keep the area for themselves and underwent a grassroots campaign to maintain the right to become a self-governing village. In January of 1949, an ordinance was passed to incorporate the area under a village status with the name of Hazelwood.

In between 1950 and 1960, Hazelwood’s population increased from 336 to 6,045. A factor in the number of residents was the introduction of the condominium layout that influenced housing construction at the time. The village’s expansion with residential, commercial and industrial needs made limited powers within a village government insufficient to cope with growing financial needs. In 1968, Hazelwood changed to city status and elected its first officials.

Residents of Hazelwood are served by the Hazelwood School District.

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The St. Louis Outlet Mall, formerly known as the St. Louis Mills, is located in Hazelwood and has a total retail floor area of 1,191,666 feet. The mall is also home to a 1,2000-seat indoor ice arena, named the iceZone, that serves as the official practice facility for the St. Louis Blues.

Hazelwood Harvest is an annual fall festival held in Howdershell Park that includes a yearly themed parade for residents to partake. Each year, the festival crowns a new Miss Hazelwood, who receives a collection of prizes, including a scholarship!


Community Contacts

Mayor of Hazelwood Matthew G. Robinson
(314) 895-3910
Current City Council Members Carol Stroker
Robert Aubunchon
Don Ryan
Bob Parkin
Russell Todd
Warren Taylor
Rosalie Hendon
Mary Singleton
City Manager Matthew Zimmerman
(314) 513-5010
City Clerk Christine Thomas
(314) 513-5020
Court Clerk Jennifer Chappie
(314) 513-5050
Municipal Judge Kevin Kelly (314) 838-2800
City Planner Earl Bradfield
(314) 513-5013
Director of Public Works David Stewart
(314) 513-5030
Parks and Recreation Superintendent Doug Littlefield
(314) 731-0980
Economic Developer David Cox
(314) 513-5018
Code Administrator Pat M. McSheehy (314) 513-5060
Public Works Superintendent Paul Williams
(314) 731-8701
Hazelwood Police Department (314) 838-5000
Hazelwood Fire Department (314) 731-3421