Within the northern portion of St. Louis County, you’ll find the village of Hillsdale. Comprised of no more than 0.35 square miles, the village’s population was 1,478 residents with 487 households and 346 families at the time of the 2010 census. Noteworthy roads surrounded by the village include Klienlen Avenue, Salzman, Lucas & Hunt Road, Martin Luther King and St. Louis Avenue.

The village originally was referred to by locals as Hill’s Station or Hill’s Crossing, until a final name of Hillsdale was selected in early 1871. The village was named after James Hill, as his family was one of the very first to settle within the area towards the late 1850s. James worked as a postman in his native Kentucky area, before settling into the region with his family. When the region established its first Post Office in 1870, he worked as the first Postmaster and dispatched mail from his house.

During the late 1860s, nearby railroads were completing construction and the Hillsdale territory became a shipping point for the nearby townships of Canoe Creek and Zuma, and some unincorporated territories known as Whiteside and Henry. Some historical records dating back to 1909 list homes and churches, within the present-day area of Hillsdale, in a subdivision named Echo Heights. For the next several years, Hillsdale experienced a boom period thanks to the expansion of railroads, but, by 1932, rail trips reduced due to lack of passengers and trains no longer carrying mail.

Due to Hillsdale’s flat topography, portions of the area would sometimes be submerged underwater if the Mississippi and Rock Rivers rose too quickly. To fight back, the community knew they would have to build dikes to hold the fury of the water at bay … but the type of construction that was needed was going to require some additional help. In the fall of 1947, Hillsdale officially incorporated under village status and, with a government grant, received enough funds to begin development.

Residents of Hillsdale are served by the Normandy School District.

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The Energy Petroleum Company, one of the largest independent petroleum product distributors in the Midwest, has its headquarters located on the eastern portion of the village. Offering premium products since 1927, the company provides gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, kerosene, lubrication products and total product solutions to commercial and industrial customers.

Another midwestern company with headquarters in Hillsdale includes FS-Curtis, who manufactures industrial air compressors to companies throughout North America. Established in 1854, FS-Curtis actually built the first Masterline air compressors in 1897, setting a gold standard for superior engineering and design for all future generations of compressors.


Community Contacts

Chairman of Hillsdale Dorothy Moore (314) 381-0288
Trustees Willie Thomas
Jon W. Ross
Village / Court Clerk Minnie L. Hester (314) 381-0288
Village Attorney Alan Baker (314) 202-8814
Municipal Judge Victor Thompson (314) 381-0288
Building Inspector / Trustee Benard Ervin (314) 381-0288
Public Works Director Earl Longmeyer (314) 381-0288
Treasurer Fred Siegel (314) 381-0288