Jennings is a city located in northern St. Louis County. Stretching across 3.70 square miles, the area is home to roughly 14,712 residents, as of the 2010 census. Being west of St. Louis City limits, Jennings has easy access located nearly 15 miles north of Downtown St. Louis.

The city’s name is a tribute to James Jennings, a notable farmer and merchant from Virginia who relocated to St. Louis with his wife and seven children. In 1855, North Missouri Railroad laid tracks bisected and divided Jennings’s property. James passed later that year at the age of 74, and by 1880 most of James’ heirs had sold off their property and moved away from the area.

The area started to show signs of prosperity when in 1883, Lancashire, England native Miles A. Seed established the Seed Dry Plate Company. Seed was a photographer who was interested in the science and development of producing photographic negatives. The Seed Dry Plate Company helped create “notable dry plates” — glass plates that are located inside the camera that help with light-sensitive photos. The Seed Dry Plate Company employed more than 100 workers.

During the mid-1900s, the automobile and other technological revolutions created a swarm of blue-collar jobs. At the time, the region was divided into three main towns – Jenwood, Woodland and Jennings. Knowing that integration would not only solidify the area’s status, but help in expansion, the area incorporated under the name of Jennings in 1946.

Residents of Jennings are served by the Jennings School District.

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