Located in northern St. Louis County is the city of Northwoods. Nestled between neighboring cities of Pine Lawn, Velda City, Beverly Hills and Norwood Court, the city encompasses no more than 0.71 total square miles of land. At the time of the 2010 census, Northwoods’ population was recorded at 4,227 residents.

Northwoods’ history began in the early 1800s as a popular Indian camp ground, thanks in part to its geographical location and natural advantages of shade, shelter, drinking water and observation cliffs. At one time seven natural springs could be found bubbling out of the ground, hence the infamous “Baden Creek” that runs through current-day Northwoods. The Superintendent of Indian affairs, Territorial Governor and famous American Explorer, William Clark, at one time resided here in Northwoods. Many councils were held in the area and treaties were concluded with the Shawnees and Pottawattomies.

As the mid-1800s approached, the land was owned by three notable estate owners. These were very popular regions within current-day Northwoods boundaries. The first of these estates was the Nelson Home, located in between the neighborhoods of Colonial and Alberici. The Brennan Estate and the Minoma would shortly follow suit. Out of these three, the Minoma was the area’s most popular. covering more than 500 acres of land, this 10-room manse was built by Jefferson Clark, son of General William Clark of the world-famous Lewis and Clark expedition.

When the land began developing into a small community, it eventually would shrink down into a compromised size of nearly 330 acres. Historical documents show the region began subdividing as early 1923, but progress would be at a crawl until 1938. The Olive Street Terrace Realty Company, a firmly established realty organization of the era, set up headquarters within Northwoods. Their plan was to vastly grow the region into a densely populated community with at least 1,000 homes.

The dilemma the United States faced itself in during World War II caused further expansion construction to halt, leading Northwoods as a community of only 200 to 300 homes. When constructed resumed, the city incorporated under city status in 1940.

Residents of the city of Northwoods are served by the Normandy School District.

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