Old Jamestown

Bordering the Missouri River and just north of the City of St. Louis is the unincorporated region of Old Jamestown. Old Jamestown is one of the most northern regions within Missouri that nearly borders the state of Illinois. The community has a population of 19,184 residents, as of the 2010 census, and it encompasses no more than 14.9 total square miles.

Old Jamestown is a unique area that is more often than not flouted due to an early inclusion with many other areas within the St. Ferdinand Township. The St. Ferdinand Township, one of six townships in St. Louis County in the 1800s, included present-day Old Jamestown neighbors – Florissant, Black Jack, and Spanish Lake. Old Jamestown originally was known under a variety of different names during the early years have been Coldwater, Patterson Settlement, The Sinks, and Jamestown. In 2010, Old Jamestown became officially recognized as an unincorporated portion of the St. Louis community.

Throughout its history, the Old Jamestown region was mainly made up of a low density, strongly wooded rural environment, intermingled with active farms. Situated along the bank of the Missouri River, the community was a few miles upriver from the convergence of the Missouri and the Mississippi and has a rich history dating back to ancient times. Old Jamestown’s history includes an American Indian settlement associated with Cahokia Mounds, land grant holders of English and Scottish heritage who arrived in the late 1700s, German immigrant farmers who came during the 1800s, and prominent wealthy families who arrived in 1920 throughout 1940.

Residents of Old Jamestown are served by the Hazelwood and Ferguson-Florissant School District


Champ Trails is a park located in the western portion of Old Jamestown.

In the norther region of Old Jamestown, Sioux Passage Park is a destination for fishing and horseback riding trails. The park land was purchased in 1965 with Bond Issue money. Sioux Passage was dedicated on October 29, 1967. The shelter and barbecue pit were constructed in July 1988 with 1986 bond issue funds. Sioux Passage Park is part of the Missouri River Greenway.


Community Contacts

Councilman ​Rochelle Walton Gray
(314) 615-0393