Overland is a city located in St. Louis County with a population of 16,062, as of the 2010 census. The city ranks in as having the 17th largest population of all the 89 county municipalities. Stretching across 4.36 square miles,some notable residents of the city include Story of the Year lead singer Dan Marsala, theater actress Billie Lou Watt, former Oregon governor Ted Kulongoski and Denver Post editorial cartoonist Mike Keefe.

Overland was first settled in the early 19th century when travelers of St. Louis city would use the land as a place for overnight rest. One of the many travelers was famous American pioneer and explorer Daniel Boone, who constructed a single room cabin near the current location of Lake Sherwood. To this day, a historic marker located off of Wabaday Avenue shows the exact spot. It was also during this time that travelers named the area Overland Park, as it reminded many of a similar area in the state of Kansas.

By all accounts, the most prominent landowner in the Overland Park area was a man by the name of Rufus J. Lackland, business owner and son of famous travel pioneer Dennis Lynn Lackland. Rufus was born in 1819 and went into business for the family grocery store at 16, the same time the family first arrived in Missouri.

Within 14 years, he went on to run the family store and expanded his ventures into real estate holdings. In 1848, he repurposed his family’s home (Overland’s famous Lackland House) into a summer and weekend retreat and expanded region’s boundaries by purchasing 64 acres for only $1,800 in July 1851.

Over time, small businesses established in the region and a one-room subscription school, known as the Buck School, were built in 1846. As the 20th century drew near, several Overland landmarks began construction, such as the Garnett Estate in 1907, as well as the Gocke-Vance House in 1910. During this time, the area’s name was shortened from Overland Park to Overland as to avoid postage confusion with Overland Park, Kansas.

Overland officially incorporated as a city in June of 1939 and was celebrated with a three-day ceremony the following month.

Residents of Overland are served by the Ritenour School District.

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The Lackland House is one of the area’s most notable residential landmarks, re-purposed by prominent Overland landowner Rufus Lackland, as a place for family and friends to experience R&R. The land around the house was planted with wheat and hay, and hired laborers took care of the farm animals. Both the Lackland House and the nearby McElhinney Log House are maintained by the Overland Historical Society.

Lake Sherwood (formerly known as Lake Laughlin and Loch Lin) was developed as a private residence in 1877 and is now a gated community. The spring-fed lake and dam area spills into the main headwaters of the River des Peres. At normal levels, Lake Sherwood encompasses a surface area of nearly 12 acres.

Constructed in the 1980s, Frank Munsch Community Center provides Overland residents with year-round access to exercise facilities, whirlpool, sauna, basketball and racquetball courts.

The Overland Farmers Market is a Saturday-only local food and craft market that runs from the months of May to October every year. Along with a variety of art and delicious food, the Overland Farmers Market also offers history lessons on Overland past by the Overland Historical Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the area’s past.

The Build-a-Bear Workshop, famous hands-on build your own teddy bear and stuffed animal retail store, has its headquarters located in Overland. Founded in 1997, it is the largest chain that operates in a truly interactive process. Customers pick the stuffed animal of their choice and are assembled and customized during their store visit. As of 2017, the chain has more than 400 stores worldwide.


Community Contacts

Mayor of Overland Michael Schneider
(314) 428-4321
Current City Council Members Marty Little
Jay Fetsch
Lisa Ridolfi
Ken Owensby
Tim Jones
Lee Dills
Curtis Moore
Bob Dody
City Administrator Jason McConachie
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City Clerk Melissa Burton
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Municipal Judge Rebecca Shaffar (314) 646-0066
Municipal Judge Mason Klippel (314) 862-5300
Municipal Judge Frank J. Vatterott (314) 770-2100
Court Administrator Jan L. Mackey (314) 227-2850
Director of Parks and Recreation Erin Willey
(314) 428-0490
Street Operation Director Scott Pope (314) 428-4677
Director of Community Development Kirby Barnard
(314) 428-4677
Treasurer Fran Kuhlmann (314) 227-2900
Overland Police Department (314) 428-1212
Overland Fire Department (314) 428-6069