Pagedale is a city located in the North County region of St. Louis County, with a total population, at the time of the 2010 census, of 3,310 residents. Encompassing a total area of 1.19 square miles, Pagedale is only 20 minutes west of the city of St. Louis, by way of Interstate 70.

The city of Pagedale primarily evolved from humble beginnings of rural farmlands located on the outskirts of the city of St. Louis. In the early 1800s, much of this area consisted mainly of large farm lots under individual ownership. These lots were utilized as peach, pear and apple orchards, as well as, several areas used primarily for game and duck hunting.

The region began true residential development during the mid-1800s, near the same time Page Avenue extended from the city of St. Louis into current-day Pagedale’s area. Page Avenue’s foremost responsibility was to provide east to west connectivity from the city of St. Louis, while the major mode of transportation remained the Dinky Electric Streetcar Line, a streetcar line named so because of its smaller sized or “dinky” cars. By the time of the lines discontinuation near the 1930s, Page Avenue was broadened entirely to Pennsylvania Avenue.

After the incorporation of the city of Pagedale on February 15, 1950, the population set in motion a true time of population growth, with an influx of blue-collar workers looking to settle down in the area following a gigantic manufacturing boom within suburban regions. One of the first major city constructions was the establishment of the Pagedale City Hall, located on 1250 Ferguson Avenue.

Residents of Pagedale are served by the Normandy School District.

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Pagedale’s Laurel Hill Memorial Gardens was founded in the early 1920s. The cemetery currently covers approximately 70 acres and actively serves the needs of the surrounding community. The Gardens offer tents and chairs for graveside services, cremation interments, granite mausoleums and a columbarium wall with individual niches for cremation committals.

24:1 Cinema is Pagedale’s independently owned four screen movie theater developed by Beyond Housing, a non-profit community development organization, that houses Hollywood’s major releases.


Community Contacts

Mayor of Pagedale Mary Louise Carter (314) 726-1200
Board of Aldermen Faye Millett
Jeremiah Millett
Minnie Rhymes
Emma Sims
Darline Crawley
Bernice Nolan
City Clerk Fran Stevens (314) 726-1200
City Attorney Sam Alton (314) 726-1200
Municipal Judge Raphael Morris (314) 241-5900
Court Clerk Elena Penson (314) 726-1200
Building Inspector Justin Collins (314) 726-1200
License Commissioner Calvin Brown (314) 726-1200
Treasurer Juanita States (314) 726-1200
Pagedale Police Department (314) 726-1112