Pasadena Park

Located in the North County region of St. Louis County is the village of Pasadena Park. Neighbored by the city of Pasadena Hills, the village is distinct from the city that bears a similar name. As of the 2010 census, its population was 470 and the village has a total land area of no more than 0.10 square miles.

The land on which Pasadena Park was built straddled between two New Madrid land grants. These grants were based on certificates that were awarded to farmers in New Madrid County whose property had been damaged by the unprecedented force of the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811 and 1812. Originally, Congress intended that these farmers could redeem certificates for land in other parts of Missouri.

However, many farmers sold their certificates to land speculators and stayed within their original area. In 1813, four New Madrid pioneers sold their certificates to J.B.C. Lucas, a famous member of the U.S. House of Representatives of Pennsylvania, and he cashed them in for a block of unclaimed ground along the Natural Bridge Road that encompasses current day Pasadena Park. Lucas also grew notoriety for acquiring virtually most of what makes up current-day North County.

Pasadena Park was laid out in 1924 by the Majestic Homes Corporation and its president, Samuel F. Lloyd. It was designed by John Noyes, a landscape architect, best known for his long association with the Missouri Botanical Garden.

In that capacity, he completed the master plan for the Shaw Arboretum in 1926. Noyes designed many private estates and also laid out many notable subdivisions such as Wydown Terrace, Dromara of Laude and the Westwood Country Club. A few years after Pasadena Park was laid out within its boundaries, the village officially incorporated within St. Louis county in 1935.

Residents of Pasadena Park are served by the Normandy School District.


Artemis International Group is a North County centric computer repair service located within the village of Pasadena Park.

Portions of the University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL) are located within Pasadena Park’s boundaries.


Community Contacts

Chairman of Pasadena Park: Caroylyn D. Young
Trustee Shirley Fitzpatrick
Village Clerk Peggy Deimeke
(314) 383-0010
Village Attorney Mary Haywood (314) 863-0077
Municipal Judge Jeffrey Sandcork (636) 946-3044
Building Commissioner / Trustee Bill Blackard (314) 383-6706
Building Inspector Neil Cantwell (314) 383-0010
Marshal / Trustee Alice Canavan (314) 517-8024
Treasurer David Marstall (314) 381-7533
Community Development Director / Trustee Mattie Canavan (314) 517-8024