Spanish Lake

Located in the northeastern portion of St. Louis County near the incorporated area of Black Jack and unincorporated area of Glasgow Village is the unincorporated region of Spanish Lake. The area has a total land coverage of no more than 7.5 total square miles and, as of the 2010 census, has a recorded population of nearly 19,650 residents.

Originally known as Spanish Pond up until the late 19th century, Spanish Lake has its history dating back as far as 1768. Spanish Lake’s original name was a tribute to the Spanish troops who stayed within the area while a fortified post was being built in the late 1700s. Several portions of the area were once the property of the brother of the last Spanish governor of the upper portion of Louisiana, James De St. Vrain. The area continued to flourish and grow substantially by the 19th century, when its name was changed to Spanish Lake.

It was during this time that the area became a noteworthy farming village surrounding by well-developed neighborhoods. Farmland was cultivated and a plethora of small business industries emerged at the intersection of the Bellefontaine Park and Spanish Pond roads, which ultimately formed as the Spanish Lake’s center.

Spanish Lake remained a countryside farming community for several years, until the later portion of the 1950s once areas of tract housing were built.

Residents of Spanish Lake are served by the Hazelwood School District.


Within the heart of Spanish Lake, you’ll find Larimore Park. Covering roughly 22 acres of land, the park includes basketball and tennis courts, a playground and a popular skateboard park.


Community Contacts

Councilman ​Rochelle Walton Gray
(314) 615-0393