St. Ann

Located in the northern St. Louis County is the city of St. Ann. With a population of 13,607 residents, at the time of the 2010 census, it has the 23rd highest population within the 89 county municipalities. Encompassing more than 3.18 square miles of land, the city’s municipal neighbors include Edmundson, Woodson Terrace, Bridgeton and Breckenridge Hills. Portions of St. Ann also border St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

St. Ann was incorporated in the mid-spring of 1948, but its city origins begin some six years earlier. Charles F. Vatterott, Jr., a developer of many commercial and residential properties within the region, started the community in mid-1942, with the intention of starting a housing project for worker families laboring in nearby defense plants of the World War II era. His first commercial building was constructed in 1943 near St. Charles Rock Road and was occupied by beauty shops, hardware and drug stores, as well as a barber and grocer.

Since a majority of the families were headed up by returning World War II veterans, they realized upon coming back to their home state of Missouri that the newly formed region was the perfect area to raise a family. The community was named Saint Ann, in honor of the Virgin Mary’s mother, and was one of the few defense housing projects in the country to develop into a permanent town.

As with any newly formed neighborhood, there’s always a chance to experience growing pains. Issues such as roadwork construction and sewer system concerns were usually resolved by community volunteers teaming together to fix problems … but residents felt future difficulties could be settled more efficiently through government help from incorporation.

After St. Ann’s achieved city status through incorporation in 1948, it held its first municipal election the following year with L.S. Brock, a former Missouri treasurer, elected as St. Ann’s first mayor. In 1950, a $3,000,000 shopping center was built, as well as a brand-new City Hall center in January of 1952.

St. Ann further expanded its boundaries through the annexation of land west of Cypress Road, north to Natural Bridge Avenue in 1952. It’s final land expansion would occur in 1962 which cemented the region’s area to its current boundaries of 3.18 square miles.

Residents of St. Ann are served by the Pattonville School District and the Ritenour School District.

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St. Ann has its very own 34 par, nine-hole golf course with a total yardage of 2,696. The St. Ann Golf Course is open all year long, with the exception of Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The St. Ann Community Center is open to all St. Ann residents and includes fitness areas, racquetball courts and full gymnasium area.

Originally known as the Adie Road Park, James McDonnell County Park is a 131-acre park that opened in 1978. It changed its name in honor of the late founder of McDonnell Douglas a year after foundation. Some popular amenities of the park include the 1.8 mile fitness and bike trail, 200-seat amphitheater, volleyball court and two playgrounds.


Community Contacts

Mayor of St. Ann Michael Corcoran
(314) 428-6800 ex. 1227
Board of Alderman Members Steve Triplett
Kathi Asinger Campbell
Bill Croney
Amy Poelker
Matthew Dirck
Rick Crabtree
Daniel Murphy
Iven Sparks
City Administrator / City Clerk Matt Conley
(314) 427-8009 ex. 1226
City Attorney Steve W. Garett (314) 725-8788
Municipal Judges Sean O’Hagan and William Buchholz (314) 428-6811
Parks & Recreation Director Tim Younker
(314) 429-4545
Municipal Court Administrator Angela Chatman (314) 428-6811
Public Services Director Shawn Seymour (314) 427-8009
St. Ann Police Department (314) 428-6868