Velda City

Located nearly 20 minutes northwest of the city of St. Louis is the north county municipality of Velda City. The city encompasses a total area of 0.16 square miles and has the highest density more so than any other St. Louis county municipality. As of the 2010 census, the city’s population was recorded at 1,420 residents. Notable roads for the region include Myron Avenue, Maywood Avenue and Lincoln Avenue.

The city was incorporated into St. Louis county in 1938 and unfortunately, not much is known about its pre-and post-incorporation history. Velda City is neighbored by a village that bears a resemblance to its own name in Velda Village Hills. For several years, there was confusion to differentiate the two Veldas as Velda City was originally known simply as Velda Village. Many people used the names interchangeably … and often in error.

In 1990, a name change was made official with Velda Village becoming Velda City. In a 1990 interview with the St. Louis Post Dispatch, then-Velda City Mayor Lottie Mar Williams felt the new name had a “nice ring” and was “going to be worth it when we look at the problems we’ve experienced.”

Residents of Velda City are served by the Normandy School District.

Velda City Official Website


The City Hall of Velda City is located on Lucas and Hunt Road and holds office to the Mayor and Government officials.


Community Contacts

Mayor of Velda City Robert Hensley (314) 381-9009
Board of Aldermen Members Yvette Battle
Willie Mae Weaver
Gwendolyn Buggs
City Clerk Kakneka Thames
(314) 382-6600 ex. 101
City Attorney Steve W. Garrett (314) 725-8788
Municipal Judge Heather Highland (314) 382-6600 ex. 107
Court Clerk Peggy Stringer (314) 382-6600
Building Commissioner / Electric Inspector Marlowe Davis (314) 382-6600
Bookkeeper Venita Sedodo (314) 382-6600