Woodson Terrace

Woodson Terrace is a city located in northern St. Louis County that encompasses no more than 0.77 square miles between the neighboring cities of Edmunson, Breckenridge Hills and St. John.

In August of 1946, Woodson Terrace incorporated and became the Village of Woodson Terrace. At that time, Woodson Terrace was a farming community. The City of St. Louis streetcar line ran north of St. Charles Rock Road and ended about one‐half mile west.

In 1954, the Village of Woodson Terrace became the City of Woodson Terrace. During the latter part of the 1960s, Woodson Terrace experienced a growth in both population and economic development. By 1965, the airport and Highway 70 development were in full swing and lead to the region experiencing times of growth and prosper ever since.

Residents of Woodson Terrace are served by the Ritenour School District.

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Community Contacts

Mayor of Woodson Terrace Lawrence “Butch” Besmer
(314) 427-2600 ex. 136
Board of Alderman Members Donna Conlon
Rita A. Martin
Kevin Crane
Robert Welby
Greg Mills
Joan Willey
Maryanne Zaiz
Ronald Hogan
City Clerk Eleanor Crane
(314) 427-2600 ex. 147
City Attorney Frank Vatterott (314) 770-2100
Municipal Judge E. Thomas Clarkin (314) 469-6329
Court Clerk Elaine Seevers
(314) 427-2600 ex. 131
Accounts Payable Janet Sauer (314) 427-2600 ex. 133
Public Works Director Douglas Zaiz
(314) 428-1128