O’Fallon is a neighborhood located in the northern region of the City of St. Louis. The neighborhood is one of three major destinations within the state of Missouri and Illinois to bear the name of O’Fallon as a tribute to local businessman John O’Fallon … but more on him later! It covers nearly 0.59 total square miles and is bordered by the neighborhoods of North Riverfront at the north, Greater Ville and Fairgrounds toward the south, College Hill towards the east and Penrose at the west. As of the 2010 census, the neighborhood’s population was recorded at 5,791 residents. It is represented by two Aldermen sitting in the third and 21st Ward.

As mentioned, the north St. Louis City of O’Fallon serves as a tribute to John O’Fallon who was, at one point, one of the wealthiest individuals in all of St. Louis during the 19th century. A Kentucky college graduate, John enlisted into the army towards the beginning of the War of 1812. Nearly three years later, he was promoted to Captain of the Second U.S. Rifle Regiment Unit. In 1818, he resigned his from the Army after the War’s end brought forth downsizing and eventually O’Fallon began a successful farming and whiskey business in 1823. His notoriety during this time would land him the role of Representative to the first Missouri State Legislature in 1822. Throughout his life, he would remain one of the top tier businessmen in St. Louis assisting in railroad manufacturing as well as land donation throughout Missouri … in particular the land of O’Fallon Park, whose ordinance would conclude the regional O’Fallon namesake with O’Fallon in St. Charles founded in 1856 and O’Fallon, Illinois incorporated in 1874.

Though not much is known historically about the neighborhood, it is adjoined by two major parks at its northern and lower-eastern boundaries. O’Fallon is primarily a residential neighborhood with mainly brick and frame single-family, two-family and multi-family units

Residents of O’Fallon are served by the St. Louis Public School District


O’Fallon Park is the neighborhood’s singular park and takes up more than 120 acres of land within the neighborhood.  Several amenities can be found within the park including tennis courts, football fields, extensive walking / running trails, a boathouse, chess tables, basketball courts, picnic pavilions and a newly installed playground in 2014.

The O’Fallon Recreation Complex, which opened to the public in 2013, is nearby O’Fallon Park and is a member of the Gateway Region YMCA, formerly known as the YMCA of Greater St. Louis. Like many other YMCA locations, the O’Fallon Rec. Complex includes a full gym with weightlifting and cardio equipment, family pools, indoor and outdoor water parks, basketball and volleyball courts, saunas and conference rooms.


Community Contacts

Aldermen Brandon Bosley – Ward 3 (314) 622-3287
Aldermen John Collins-Muhammad – Ward 21 (314) 622-3287
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Jorlon Upchurch – Ward 3 and 19 (314) 657-1351
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Sharie Taylor – Ward 21 (314) 657-1360