Pine Lawn

Pine Lawn is a city located in northern St. Louis County with a population, as of the 2010 census, of nearly 3,275 residents. Encompassing no more than 0.61 total square miles of land and located about 15 northwest from the city of St. Louis, notable roads for Pine Lawn include Natural Bridge Road, Edgewood, Kennewah, Jennings Station Road and Interstate 70.

Although the city was officially incorporated in 1947, much of the region’s development history is relatively unknown from a lack of documentation of the area. However, Pine Lawn’s earliest settlement has history in line with the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804. Shortly after the expedition ended in September of 1806, William Clark was appointed as the region’s superintendent of Indian Affairs and Territorial Governor.

He went on to purchase land from Pierre Chouteau Jr, merchant and member of the wealthy fur-trading Chouteau family, that stretched from Union Avenue to Lucas-Hunt Road that was to be used as a campsite of council for the native Indians. The area was noted for being a lush paradise of springs, groves and ponds with an abundance as natural advantages like woods, shades and observation cliffs. The acres of green pine trees within the region seems to be the earliest indication of the area’s “Pine Lawn” name.

When William Clark passed at the age of 68 in 1820, the largest portion of this land was given to his oldest son Jefferson Clark. Jefferson, whose name was a tribute to America’s third president Thomas Jefferson, and his family built a new home in the region in 1856 named the Minoma.

It was during this time that Jefferson began selling regions of the land, one of the most notable being a northern portion sold to James Jennings, the future founder of the city of Jennings. Jefferson began selling the region to a variety of owners throughout the later portion of the 1800s, before his death in 1900.

Residents of Pine Lawn are served by the Normandy School District.


Community Contacts

Mayor of Pine Lawn Terry Epps (314) 261-5500
Board of Aldermen Members James Brooks
Olimes Underwood
Rosalyn Halk
Roslyn Brown
Adrian Wright
Gerald Metts
Elwyn Walls
Nakisha Smith
City Administrator Janice Jones (314) 802-1029
City Clerk Victoria Stevenson (314) 261-5500 ex. 110
City Attorney Donnell Smith (314) 261-5500
Municipal Judge Felicia Ezell-Gillespie (314) 261-9445 ex. 143
Court Administrator T.J. Clark (314) 428-7373
Housing Clerk Roberta Mehrhoff (314) 802-1012
Bldg. Commissioner Residential Terronn Millett (314) 261-5500 ex. 112
Public Works Regina Gathright (314) 261-5500 ex. 123