Shrewsbury is a city located in St. Louis County with Webster Groves, Mackenzie and Affton being the region’s closest neighbors. As of the 2010 census, the population of Shrewsbury was 6,254. Stretching across 1.43 square miles, Shrewsbury has instant access to downtown St. Louis with the widely traversed Interstate 44. The broadcast towers of KSDK Newschannel 5 and ABC 30 are located in the heart of Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury was officially platted in 1889, by owners Gregorie Sarpy and Charles Gratiot who were famous fur traders during the American Revolution. They eventually divided the area into farms and sold off regions of the land to families.

By 1913, an organization known as the Shrewsbury Improvement Association was founded by resident Joseph Burge. The association greenlighted a sewer system and eventually incorporated the village. Burge, a vocal and concerned member of the Shrewsbury community, convinced the community to install a sanitation system, which combatted frequent water-based diseases of that time.

In 1938, the United States Government offered financial aid and supplemental land to Shrewsbury to build a City Hall and to implement city parks and a municipal pool. The loan also covered the construction of Interstate 44.

Residents of Shrewsbury are served by the Affton and Webster Groves school districts.

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Construction of the Metro Shrewsbury Line, a line in conjunction with St. Louis’ MetroLink light rail system, finished in 2006 and is the most recent addition to the commuter railroad’s line with eight miles connecting to Forest Park and Clayton.

During the summer, Shrewsbury residents partake in the uniquely named sport, Pickleball. This racquet sport combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. Players of two to four use paddles to hit wiffle balls over a net and the games use a similar service rotation to tennis, excluding the underhand serve.

Another joyous summer event for Shrewsbury residents is the Sundown Park Party. This free festival takes place during the first week of August at the Festival Pavilion in Wehner Park. It shows community gratitude for the local Police and Fire Departments.


Community Contacts

Mayor of Shrewsbury Felicity Buckley
(314) 647-5795
Board of Aldermen Members Elmer Kauffmann
Sam Scherer
Ed Kopff
Rick Steingruby
Mike Travaglini
Chris Gorman
Director of Administration Jonathan D. Greever
(314) 647-5795
City Clerk Mary Kathryn Marlock
City Attorney Mike Daming (314) 961-0400
Municipal Judge Richard Bumb (314) 842-7331
Court Clerk Mike Pauley (314) 647-8634
Director of Finance Danielle Oettle (314) 647-5075
Building Commissioner Jim Wilder
(314) 647-5795
Building / Mechanical Inspector Matt Stoll
(314) 647-5795
Parks and Recreation Director Chris Buck
(314) 647-1003 ext 217
Public Works Superintendent Tony Wagner (314) 645-7441
Shrewsbury Police Department (314) 781-5100
Shrewsbury Fire Department