Located in south St. Louis County is the unincorporated region of Affton. Affton is nestled in between several incorporated county cities such as Grantwood Village, Wilbur Park, Marlborough and Green Park. Its largest neighbor is located to the east with the unincorporated area of Lemay. As of 2010, the region’s population was recorded at 20,307 residents. Affton has a total land area covering no more than 4.6 square miles.

The name of “Affton” is derived from one of the earliest residents, Johann Aff. He was the owner of a general store that ran in the Gravois area as early as 1872 and was also the region’s first postmaster. While the area was in development and nameless … it earned the nickname of “Aff’s Town” by locals and eventually evolved into “Affton.” Much of Affton is considered to be made up of more of a German community, but a large number of English family settlements made home in the boundaries of Affton towards the end of the 19th century. Upon settling, the English settlers began construction on what was to be the oldest church in the area in 1882 with the Episcopal Church.

Throughout most of the 1900s, Affton was a small community that was described as a serene place to live that was quiet and friendly. Affton’s population began growing ever so slowly by 1930 when it reached a peak of that time of 800 residents. While the region was certainly expanding with a plethora of smaller stores, a majority of the land was devoted to farmers and their farming land. As population continued to grow and more and more of the region was paved with streets, residential home owners began to overtake the farming communities.

With this new development, residents felt it was time to incorporate the area and Affton incorporated as a village in the early 1930s. However, a thrust of unfortunate financial maintenance setbacks caused the region to dis-incorporate in 1935 and Affton has flourished without a local government ever since.

Residents of Affton are served by the Affton and Bayless School Districts.


Perfect for both museum visits and weddings … the Oakland House is a completely restored mansion built in 1853 by Louis A. Benoist, a pioneer banker. Restoration to the house began as early as the early 1970s and it’s currently preserved by the Affton Historical Society.

The Affton Community Center is located roughly one-mile west of I-55 on the Reavis Barracks exit and includes a full gymnasium, children’s play area, fitness center and conference rooms.

Established as early as 1922, Sunset Burial Park is located near Gravois Road and Tesson Ferry Road and served as the first non-sectarian perpetual care cemetery on the Gravois Road territory limits.


Community Contacts

Councilman Ernie Trakas 314-615-5442