Located neck in neck to the census-designated place (CDP) of Sappington is the unincorporated community of Concord. Concord is mostly notable highways such as Interstate 255, U.S. Routes 67, 21 and 30 as well as Interstate 270.

With a population, as of the 2010 census, of no more than 16,421 residents, Concord has the fifth highest population of all the unincorporated CDP regions within St. Louis county. Although it shares a similar designation, it should not be confused with Concord Township or Concord Village. The CDP of Concord shares similar land with both regions, but the actual boundaries of these communities are not entirely identical. The CDP covers a near total of 5.5 total square miles of land and is uniquely shaped like a figure eight. More notably with the southern loop much larger and curvy than the northern portion.

Most of the community is within the 63128 ZIP code area, but a substantial northerly fragment is assigned to the 63123 ZIP code.

Residents of Concord are served by the Lindbergh and Mehlville School Districts.


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