The city of Crestwood is located in St. Louis County with its closest city neighbors being Grantwood Village, Sunset Hills, Oakland and Sappington. At the time of the 2010 census, Crestwood’s population was 11,912 residents, occupying a total 5,234 housing units. The city covers a total area of 3.60 square miles of land, and shares a zip code (63126) with neighboring city of Sappington.

One of Crestwood’s earliest landowners was John Sappington, a Revolutionary War soldier who served as the personal bodyguard to General George Washington at Valley Forge. When the war was over, Sappington relocated his family from Virginia to the area encompassing Crestwood to start a new life. He acquired 681 acres of land for a fee of $800 — a large sum of money at the time — and started building his first family home, the famous Thomas Sappington House, in 1808. Over time, the family of Sappington spread and grew to be distinguished settlers in the region.

Eventually, the area of Crestwood became a region where truck farmers conducted business in the early 1900s. Businesses developed along Watson Road after the construction of Highway 66 in 1930, and motels were created along the highway a decade later. During the turn of the century, home owners within the area felt the time was right for incorporation, and in 1947, Crestwood would be incorporated as a village before being reincorporated two years later as a fourth-class city.

Residents within larger portions of Crestwood are served by Lindbergh School District, while smaller portions are served by the Webster Groves and Affton School Districts.

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