Fenton is a city located in St. Louis County with a population, at the time of the 2010 census, of 4,022. Covering more than 6.38 square miles, its topography is made up of mostly rolling hills. The city contains seven fully-developed parks on more than 350+ acres of land.

The region encompassing current day Fenton dates backs to prehistoric times, due to its proximity to the Meramec River which resulted in early occupation of the land. Some of the earliest proof of settlement was discovered in 2008, when pottery shards, believed to be from the Mississippian Native Americans civilization during the years of 1050 to 1400, were excavated near a southwestern border of Fenton. Native Americans and early European settlers from neighboring Midwest regions occupied the Fenton territory throughout the 15-1700s, until the town was officially founded in 1818.

Farmer William Lindsay Long is recognized as the founder of Fenton. He named the area in tribute to his grandmother, Elizabeth Fenton Bennett. William’s parents, both of Cardigan, Wales descent, eloped to America and resided in Philadelphia, Virginia and Kentucky before settling in Missouri. William moved to Missouri when he was five and remained a resident throughout his life. He built his first home in 1810, purchasing eight square blocks and drafting plans for the foundation of the town of Fenton in 1818.

Fenton was incorporated in 1874 and continued to grow throughout the 20th century in population and number of businesses. In 1955, residents voted to annex 1,500 acres of land surrounding Fenton’s original eight square blocks and reincorporated as a fourth-class city later that year.

Residents of Fenton are served by the Rockwood and Lindbergh School Districts.

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