Grantwood Village

Grantwood Village is a town located in southern St. Louis County between the neighboring cities of Crestwood and Sappington. As of the 2010 census, the town’s population was 863 residents with 340 households and 262 families residing. With a total coverage of 0.83 square miles, Grantwood Village has the 42nd smallest land area of all St. Louis county municipalities.

Nearly 32 years after the founding of St. Louis in 1764, Spain offered land grants of settlement portions of an area known as the “Spanish Illinois” territory. Located west of the Mississippi River, this territory was made up of a vast land that included current day Grantwood Village. The region’s earliest landowners began to build residency and Grantwood Village’s oldest home, the White Haven, was constructed by Fenton, MO founder, William Lindsay Long. White Haven became the residential grounds for many notable families, one in particular was the family of Ulysses S. Grant – a man that would shape the foundation for the region.

Grant, who fancied himself as a farmer in the early 1800s, took possession of an eight-acre land surrounding current Grantwood Village and began the development of a farm in 1848. Two decades later, Grant would be elected as the 18th President of the United States. As Grant’s health deteriorated in the late 1800s, the land was eventually sold to war veteran Captain Luther H. Conn. Conn highly respected and admired Grant, giving the area around White Haven the official name of “Grantwood Terrace” and naming other tracts of land as “Grant’s Farm.”

In 1903, August A. Busch, Sr. purchased the area of Grant’s Farm and turned it into a haven where he could retreat, hunt and farm. A decade later, August, Sr. became the president of his father’s company Anheusher-Busch and lived at Grant’s Farm up until his death in 1934. In 1954, August A. Busch, Jr. would open Grant’s Farm to the public and cement it as a popular St. Louis tourist attraction … but more on that later!

Grantwood Terrace as a community was growing and property owners wanted to establish their own government, specifically police protection since the nearest city was more than two miles away. On October 22nd, 1937, 59 residents presented a petition requesting the incorporation of Grantwood Terrace into the newly named Grantwood Village.

Residents of Grantwood Village are served by the Lindbergh School District.

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