Located near the St. Louis County incorporated cities of Green Park and unincorporated regions such as Oakville and Lemay is the community of Mehlville.  Covering nearly 7.6 total square miles, Mehlville’s population, as of the 2010 census, was about 28,430 residents. The census also calculated roughly 12,541 households within the region and 7,775 families residing in the area.

Unfortunately, not much is known in regards to Mehlville’s settlement history.

One of the region’s more notable landmarks is the distinction of its very own school district in the aptly named Mehlville School District. The Mehlville School District began its educational journey in 1930 and under the apt direction of its first two superintendents, Emil C. Bernard and Kermit O. Bierbaum, the District began its growth to its current status.


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