The unincorporated area of Oakville is located in southern St. Louis county roughly 25 minutes south of the St. Louis City via Interstate 55. Its closest neighbor is the city of Mehlville, but Oakville’s boundaries bound close to the Mississippi River and Meramec River to the east and south. Oakville is the largest of all the unincorporated communities in St. Louis county with a total area of 17.73 square miles.

Several early settlers where given extensive Spanish land grants in the late 1780s. One of them was French settler Jean Baptiste D’Gamache Jr. who charted the countryside for the Spanish road known as El Camino Real or “The King’s Highway” that stretched from St Louis to the region of New Madrid, Missouri. It was here that he developed two ferries, one across the Meramec and another along the Mississippi. At one time his son, Benjamin Fine, had plans to establish a river town, plans for this never came into prosper. A road in the southern portion of Oakville is named “Finestown” as a tribute to his idea.

Unlike nearby communities such as Sunset Hills and Crestwood, Oakville’s origins are somewhat mysterious into how the region came to be.

Various history-related documents, pamphlets by churches and newspaper articles from that timeframe indicate that it was towards the later portion of the 19th century when Oakville was formed. Around the time of this origin, the only thing that closely resembled a form of government within the community was the Oakville Farmers’ Club. The organization was dedicated to the community’s social and class welfare.

Residents of Oakville are served by the Mehlville School District.


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