Sappington is an unincorporated area of St. Louis County that covers no more than 2.6 total square miles of land with a population, as of 2010’s census, of nearly 7,580 residents. The region is neighbored by Lakeshire to its right, Grantwood Village and Crestwood to the north, Sunset Hills to the left and Concord to its southern area. Although surrounded by several incorporated communities, Sappington has long been unincorporated within the county boundaries.

Sappington gets its name from one of its earliest settlers in John S. Sappington. Historians can’t quite pinpoint the exact timeframe that the region earned its name, but it became known under the name as a tribute to John and his family. He ventured to the area sometime in the early 1800s along with his massive family that included his wife Jemima and their 18 children. John was notable in the area as a physician known for creating a quinine pill to treat malaria in the Missouri area as well as writing “The Theory and Treatment of Fevers,” the first medical treatise published west of the Mississippi River.

Along with his family, many other pioneers settled into the region as well. The earliest of many came from middle Atlantic states and Kentucky, while many of the later settlers came from European nations, in particular those of German provinces.

After these pioneers were continuously followed by others, the region began developing into a farming community by as early as 1812. Several establishments for the area such as the first postmaster and first marriage permit issues were conducted from 1820 to 1840. As the 20th century approached, one of the oldest business firms, the Sunset Auto Company, within the Sappington area was established in 1912. Created by Peter S. Huetel, he took an active part in community affairs and very often identified with like-minded enterprises.

Residents of Sappington are served by the Lindbergh School District.


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