St. John

St. John is a city located in northern St. Louis County with a population, at the time of the 2010 census, of 6,517. St. John’s boundaries make up no more than 1.42 square miles. The city has a commercial district centered along the St. Charles Rock Road, a destination known for being the very first road available to transverse from St. Louis county to the City of St. Louis and St. Charles.

St. John’s history begins during the 1800s as major landowners emerged along St. Charles Rock Road. An influential landowner of the area at the time was John L. Ferguson, owner of a prominent 300 to 400-acre farm known as Eminence. Ferguson’s main homestead was built in the central location of what is now current day St. John.

Although a noteworthy farmer at a young age, he eventually became involved in the world of steamboat development and real estate business. Studying and learning tips and tricks within real estate was a major factor in what lead to him building the Ferguson Building in 1875. With much advancement in the area thanks to John Ferguson’s ownership of such a mass of land, it is said he was the inspiration of the region’s incorporated name of “St. John” in 1945.

Within that same year, the Overland Board of Alderman proposed an annexation that would encompass major areas at the time such as the Community Fire Protection District and the Ritenour School District. These annexations would once again put the area within Overland’s boundaries. Under the sponsorship of a notable organization of that era, known as the Home Heights Improvement Association, residents voted to incorporate as a village named St. John, with a population of approximately 2,500.

Residents of St. John are served by the Normandy and Ritenour School Districts.

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St. John Park is located within the heart of the city and is nearly two acres in size and offers a variety of amenities for events. Additionally, there is a walking trail that loops around the park with exercise stations found intermittently along the trail.

The city’s newest park, Unity Park, opened in 2015 and was created in the remnants of a lot that sat vacant for several years. After a neighborhood rebuild effort, the area became a spot where residents can sit and enjoy the newly landscaped space.

The St. John Municipal Center is home the city’s municipal court, as well as various seasonal events such as the St. Louis Chess Club & Scholastic Center’s annual Chess Summer Camps.


Community Contacts

Mayor of St. John Tom Halaska (314) 427-7154
Current City Council Members Mark Steif
Rachel Hayes
Pamela Hollenberg
Mary Halaska
Lee Taylor
Curt Pierce
City Manager John “Rusty” Morris (314) 427-8700 ex. 5
City Clerk Donna Davis (314) 427-8700 ex. 3
City Attorney Hardy Menees (314) 427-8700 ex. 3
Municipal Judge Philip Ayers (314) 427-8700 ex. 6
Court Administrator Linda Elder (314) 427-8700 ex. 6
Finance Officer Marilyn Betkis (314) 427-8700 ex. 3
Director of Public Works James Phillips (314) 427-8700 ex. 3
Code Enforcement Dave Souders (314) 427-8700 ex. 3
Building Inspector Ann Meinert (314) 427-8700 ex. 3
Health Officer Shari Pijut (314) 615-5184
St. John Fire Department (314) 428-1128
St. John Police Department (314) 427-8700