Kosciusko is a mostly non-residential neighborhood located within the central eastern portion of St. Louis City. Located directly to the Mississippi River’s western area, Kosicusko is bordered by the St. Louis City neighborhoods of Soulard, Marine Villa, LaSalle and Downtown St. Louis. Covering a total of 1.13 square miles, the region’s population, as of 2010’s census, is only 14 residents. The neighborhood gets its name American Revolutionary War general, Tadeusz Kościuszko. Mainly industrial/commercial in nature, the neighborhood is represented by two Aldermen sitting in the seventh and ninth Wards respectively.

During the early-19th century, the area was an immensely dense residential area included in the original Soulard region which helped extend the old Soulard boundaries towards the Mississippi River. Many point to the region losing its residential stature once the Missouri Pacific Railroad was constructed along the River’s waterfront, bringing forth several industrial developments towards the area’s northern region, now known as “Chouteau’s Landing,” and along the skirts of the Mississippi River.

Many of these industrial plants helped in the localized production of cotton, tobacco products, matches, ice houses, iron works and even stoneware. One company in particular, the manufacturing-based Hager Company, is one of the oldest companies within the region still in business since their foundation in 1849.

Though Kosciusko is small in housing and population (again … only 14 residents!), Its location gives much leeway of close proximity to several city attractions.


Though mainly non-residential, Kosciusko has a city park located at its southern region for all to enjoy. Lyon Park has history dating back to 1868 as an Act of Congress which granted nearly 11 acres to the city of St. Louis on the condition a monument dedicated to General Nathaniel Lyon be erected. Lyon Park is located directly behind the Anheuser-Busch Brewery and features two softball fields and an extensive walking trail.


Community Contacts

Aldermen Jack Coatar – Ward 7 (314) 622-3287
Aldermen Dan Guenther – Ward 9 (314) 622-3287
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Sandy Colvin – Ward 7 (314) 657-1357
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Bard Potts – Ward 9 (314) 657-1370