Lafayette Square

Located in the central eastern portion of St. Louis City, Lafayette Square is a neighborhood covering nearly 0.34 total square miles. It is bordered by Chouteau Avenue at the north, Interstate 44 to the south, South Jefferson to Chouteau Avenue on the west and Dolman Street towards the east. As of the 2010 census, Lafayette Square’s total population was recorded at 2,078. It is represented by two aldermen sitting in the sixth and seventh Ward.

Its history dates back to as early as 1838 when historical documents show that Baltimore, Maryland native William Page built a country home in present-day Lafayette Square that was owned by noteworthy Midwestern brothers, John and Patrick Dillon. The Dillon Brothers were renowned for their consistent purchasing of large lots within the region to sell to buyers looking to settle and start a new life for themselves.

What was originally nothing more than a common pasture for village livestock just a century before … was becoming a blossoming community with families building extravagant and expensive homes in an area along the street of Lafayette Avenue. In 1851, a park alongside many of these estates was dedicated under the name of “Lafayette Square” and served as the regional name for the area as well.

Residents of Lafayette Square are served by the St. Louis Public School District.

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Lafayette Park is the main park within Lafayette Square’s limits and covers about 29.95 acres of land. With history dating back as far as 1836, it was dedicated in 1851 making it one of the very first public parks in the entire city of St. Louis. Some historians even believe it to be the oldest urban park on the western side of the Mississippi River. Though Forest Park is considered to be the largest park within St. Louis, Lafayette Park’s nearly 30 acres makes it a close runner-up!

Opened in the spring of 2006, Square One Brewery & Distillery was  constructed in 1883 and was acquired by Anheuser Busch in the early 1900s.

They sold the building in 1974 and it exchanged between several owners like James Renfrow, Bob Cassilley and Steve Neukomm. A major fire in the summer of 2004 devastated the building, but Steve and his team were able to completely restore and renovate it … and decided to open up a new business that would take the building back to “square one.”


Community Contacts

Aldermen Christine Ingrassia - Ward 6 (314) 622-3287
Aldermen Jack Coatar - Ward 7 (314) 622-3287
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Dena Hibbard - Ward 6 (314) 657-1359
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Sandy Colvin - Ward 7 (314) 657-1357