Bounded by the St. Louis City neighborhoods of North Pointe, North Riverfront, Riverview and the St. Louis County municipality of Bellefontaine Neighbors is the Baden neighborhood. Covering no more than 1.06 total square miles, Baden has a total population, as of the 2010 census, of 7,268 residents. It is represented by one Aldermen sitting in the 27th Ward.

The neighborhoods origins date back to the earliest 19th century when the land of current day-Baden was nothing more than vast open space and two main roads. Those two major roads, Bellefontaine Road (the present-day North Broadway Street) and Hall’s Ferry Road (the present-day Hall Street) were used by farmers as they navigated the area and brought produce to several markets within the City of St. Louis. As this road developed an abundance of traffic through the years, the intersection between Bellefontaine and Hall’s Ferry grew into both a residential hub and trading center.

In the 1840s, a substantial number of German immigrants arrived in St. Louis and settled within the area covering Baden. In fact, the area was so dominated by a German population that Baden’s first community name was “Germantown.” No one is quite sure when the official change into Baden took place, but many speculate the name change came as a tribute from the region’s first postmaster Frederick Kraft to his native German home town of Baden-Baden.

In 1876, the community of Baden was annexed by the city of St. Louis by a state legislature ruling.

Residents of Baden are served by the St. Louis Public School District.

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