Hyde Park

Located in the northern region of the City of St. Louis is the Hyde Park neighborhood. Covering a total of no more than 0.57 square miles, the neighborhood’s population, as of the 2010 census, is at 2,668 residents. Its bounded by the neighborhoods of College Hill towards the north, St. Louis Place and Old North St. Louis at the south, Fairgrounds to the west and Near North Riverfront at the east. The neighborhood is represented by one Aldermen sitting in the third Ward. The neighborhood’s name is a tribute to a famous 19th century editor and historian named William Hyde while a neighborhood park of the same, whose origins date back to 1854, is a tribute to the Hyde Park in London.

Although the area would eventually gain the Hyde Park name in the early 1900s, it was originally known as Bremen upon initial German immigrant settlement. The name of Bremen came from the several settlers who were once natives of the German city of the same name. They decided to bring a little piece of home with them into their new life! The town would incorporate as Bremen sometime in the mid-1850s and the region’s four main eastern and western streets were named in honor of the area’s four main property owners, E.C. Angelrodt, Emil Mallinckrodt, George Buchanan and N.N. Destrehan. A public highway was dedicated in 1852 and the region began experiencing a boom in population

A major neighborhood fixture was the Hyde Park Brewery, which was founded in 1876. It would run independently for nearly a decade before being sold to the St. Louis Brewing Association in 1889. This location would serve as a major unit for the Brewing Association for almost 30 years until the decade long United States Prohibition put an end to the production and sale of alcohol. After a 1933 repeal, the old Hyde Park brewing plant was acquired by various independent operators who sold it in 1948 to the Belleville, Illinois based Griesedieck-Western Brewery Company. Though the brewery has since been demolished, many advertisements for the company can still be seen within the neighborhood!

Today, the Hyde Park neighborhood is known for its German influenced character and containing some of the oldest architecture within the City of St. Louis. The neighborhood was named a City Historic District in 1978.

Residents of Hyde Park are served by the St. Louis Public School District.


Hyde Park, one of two parks within the neighborhood, is the heart of the neighborhood covering nearly 12 acres of land and was purchased and formally dedicated in 1854. This park contains fountains, a gazebo, playgrounds and plenty of walking trails. Redevelopment plans were put into place in 2007 and helped renovate some of the historic park’s older structures.

The neighborhood’s second park of Windsor Park is much smaller in size, at no more than 3 acres, and was placed into ordinance in 1947. The park contains two playgrounds as well as basketball and tennis courts.

Piekutowski Sausage has been located in the Hyde Park Neighborhood since 1958 and has been serving authentic Polish sausage for more than 75 years!


Community Contacts

Aldermen Brandon Bosley - Ward 3 (314) 622-3287
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Jorlon Upchurch – Ward 3 and 19 (314) 657-1351