Located in the southern portion of the City of St. Louis is the neighborhood of Ellendale. It is bounded by the neighborhoods of Clayton-Tamm and Hi-Pointe to the north, Lindenwood Park to the south, the Hill to east and the St. Louis County municipality of Maplewood to the west. A majority of Ellendale’s eastern portion is considered to be a part of an Irish heritage section known as Dogtown. Covering a total of no more than 0.83 square miles, Ellendale’s population, at the time of the 2010 census, is recorded to at 1,575 residents. It is represented by one Aldermen sitting in the 24th Ward.

A majority of current-day Ellendale was made up of a large portion of land owned by a local resident named James E. Sutton. When James passed in 1877, he bestowed the area to his nine children. Daughter Kate Thomas eventually began the first steps into the development of the Ellendale neighborhood soon thereafter.

With construction underway the neighborhood showed expansion, thanks to the arrival of electric streetcars running to the area in the middle portion of 1896. This simple inclusion to the neighborhood lead to an abundance of residential growth towards the turn of the century. Unfortunately, a severe gas explosion completely damaged many of the area’s older homes and revitalization took place shortly after the 1904 World’s Fair.

Prior to its residential growth, the main lands of present-day Ellendale were mainly used for a variety of early 19th century industrial activity … in particular, mining for clay for fire brick. Coal would also be discovered within the region, but not at a time that proved to be an enduring and profitable venture. One of the region’s most notable industrial companies, the Scullin Steel Corporation, remained an active landmark until the company ceased production in the 1970s.

Residents of Ellendale are served by the St. Louis Public School District.

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The Francis R. Slay Park, originally known as the Ellendale-Arsenal Park, is located in the heart of the Ellendale Neighborhood. The park has origins at the turn of the 20th century with being placed into ordinance in 1926, but the park was dedicated in 2009 to the memory of Francis R. Slay, a lifelong South St. Louis resident and a 45-year Democratic Committeeman of the 23rd Ward of St. Louis City.

The park features a playground, mile-long walking trail, tennis court, two baseball fields, soccer field and nearly nine total acres of green grassland.

Noteworthy restaurants within Ellendale include Southwest Diner, The Piccadilly At Manhattan and Olympia Kebob House and Taverna.


Community Contacts

Aldermen Scott Ogilvie – Ward 24 (314) 622-3287
Neighborhood Improvement Specialis KaJauna Thomas – Ward 24 (314) 657-1369