St. Louis Hills

Home of the flagship Ted Drewes Frozen Custard location on Chippewa Street, St. Louis Hills is a neighborhood within the south city portion of the City of St. Louis. Bounded by the neighborhoods of Lindenwood Park to the north, Princeton Heights and South Hampton to the east and St. Louis County municipalities to the west and southern portions, St. Louis Hills covers no more than 1.63 total square miles of land. Represented by an Aldermen sitting in the 16th Ward, the neighborhood’s population, as of the 2010 census, was recorded at 7,313 residents. Famous residents include St. Louis Cardinals Hall-of-Famer Stan Musial from 1948 to 1955.

Though the area’s 1930-era development is fairly recently compared to other City of St. Louis neighborhoods, the land has history as far back to St. Louis’ origin in the mid-1700s as being included in the land deeded to French colonists Anton Reihle and Madame Ann Camp by Pierre Laclède. The land remained a vast plethora of open, forested land and remained undeveloped for several years.

Soon to be Missouri Governor, David Francis became a partial owner of a portion of the property encompassing current-day St. Louis Hills in 1884, turning the area into an extensive farmland. Elected Governor the following year as well as earning the title of the President of the 1904 World Fair, Francis initially considered his large farm area to be original site for the Fair. In 1916, he donated nearly 16 acres of land of his farm to the city for future use for a park. Though he would pass in the early winter of 1927, this site would earn the name of Francis Park as a tribute to all of David Francis’ contributions to the region.

In the early to mid-1930s, a real estate developer named Cyrus Wilmore purchased what was left of the Francis and laid the ground work for what would be the St. Louis Hills neighborhood. His goals for this residential area were streets of tree-lined homes and an abundance of churches, school, parks and a bustling business district. As the region was prospering with an abundance of family and single-person homes being constructed on the daily, Wilmore donated nearly 70 acres of land to the city in 1947. Wilmore would pass two years later and the area earned the name of Wilmore Park as a tribute.

St. Louis Hills residents are served by the St. Louis Public School District.

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The area’s two parks Francis Park and Wilmore Park, named after prevalent citizens of St. Louis Hills, cover 60 and 105 acres respectively and include picnic sights, regularly updated playgrounds, athletic fields and walking trails.

A family owned business since 1929, Ted Drewes’ famous frozen custard is a St. Louis landmark earning prestigious awards including “Best Frozen Custard in St. Louis” by the Riverfront Times in 2014 and “Best Ice Cream Shop in the World” in 2016 by Soolnua, an Ireland-based marketing firm that specializes in studies on ice cream companies around the world.

LeGrand’s Market and Catering is an old-fashioned market and sandwich pub that’s been a family owned and operated since 1987.


Community Contacts

Aldermen Tom Oldenburg - Ward 16 (314) 896-0204
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Christian Saller – Ward 16 (314) 657-1375